Office of Disaster Anticipation

According to the latest IPCC report, with global warming, 10,000 to 20,000 islands and thousands of animal and plant species could totally disappear during the century. To these disasters are added chronic catastrophes such as oil spills or radioactive leaks.
With the Anthropocene, the commemorative art market will explode!
Tina Bernard, Strategic Resilience Division

Some commemorative Moduloform already already in the catalog. The works "Bengal Tiger", "Blue-throated Macaw" and "Primary Forest" are available in several formats.

NeoConsortium is pleased to announce the creation of its new service dedicated to commemorative art:

Office of Disaster Anticipation

Thanks to an extremely wide technical spectrum, the commemorative Moduloform adapt to any type of disaster. From the slightest ecological disorder to the disappearance of complete ecosystems, the commemorative Moduloform, developed by engineers from the Office of Disaster Anticipation, will know how to fill the void left with all the relevance of its contemporary design.

With their exceptional know-how, our teams will be able to react to all environmental disasters and invent today for you the memorial art of tomorrow.


L'expertise commémorative et artistique à votre service
Moduloform commémorant les Aras à gorge bleue devant un Moduloform commérant les forêts primaires
Moduloform flottants commémorant la disparition des îles Maldives
Moduloform commémorant les girafes
Moduloform commémorant la disparition de la Banquise
Des œuvres mémorielles adaptées à tous les désastres
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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Office of Disaster Anticipation remains at your disposal to accompany you in the Anthropocene.