The Moduloform

When I saw the specifications of the Moduloform, I immediately understood that we were going to overturn the market for iterative forms: its spectrum of investigations was just gigantic, I cried.Michel Albert, Senior Director of the Plastic Prospective Research Laboratory

Designed by the engineers of the Polygon Office, the Moduloform became NeoConsortium showcase product. At the forefront of contemporary artistic development, the Moduloform is subject to permanent artistic and conceptual innovations.

Your Moduloform

The Moduloform is available in an incredible variety of sizes and colors, on a multitude of supports.
Whether you are an individual or an institution, your Moduloform will be the most relevant expression of your contemporaneity.
All over the world, our teams are at your service 24/7 to define with you the Moduloform that will excite you!