Who are we really?

The "NeoConsortium" project is an artistic project initiated by Caroline Duclos and Danielle Gutman Hopenblum in 2014. The NeoConsortium is a fictional global company that produces contemporary art as irregular polyhedrons called Moduloform.

This fiction is developed by a group of visual artists, designers, engineers, etc... Any media is valid (installation, performance, drawing, sculpture, photo, software, writing, etc.), the scope of the project is enriched by the diversity of its contributors.

The artwork produced in the framework of this project, documents the alleged production or the imaginary functioning of a company, while it is being invented. Each piece of art contributes to the development of this fiction.
Each exhibit is an opportunity to engage in new issues. In addressing a wide variety of domains in which we are involved, we relate and explore the multiple aspects of the project.

All media are valid, it is the variety of the contributors that enhances the scope of the project.

All productions are collected and brought together on this site.


We would like to express our gratitude to Monsanto, Bayer, Nestlé, IBM, Apple, Volkswagen, Bouygues, Total, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Disney, Nike etc., which are a daily source of wonder and an endless source of inspiration.

Some achievements

ExoForm, retrospective and prospective

Panoptic Moduloform

Demonstration of Panoptic Moduloform, on the occasion of Au-delà du réel? as part of Némo Biennale at Centquatre Paris.

Panoptic Moduloform is produced by Centquatre Paris, with the support of S+T+ARTS S2S.


In Memoriam Petroleum

Inauguration of the monument dedicated to the end of oil In Memoriam Petroleum and auction in support of oil companies and their shareholders as part of Cahors Juin Jardin festival

October 2020

NeoConsortium's team : Danielle Gutman Hopenblum, Anne Vorms, Jean-Louis Ardoint, Nicolas Goetschel, Adi Timbolschi, Louise et Micha (interns), Sabine Goldberg, Fred Tolfey, Laurent Ardoint


  • Cahors Juin Jardin festival, especially Isabelle Marrou, Estelle Blanchon, Bastien Lemaitre, Alain Astruc and Diane Boutet,
  • For the help for builing and installing the monument: Laurent Reynaldi and his family, Jean-Paul Bach, Mercadier company
  • For the inauguratio : Jean-Marc Vayssouze-Faure, Mayor of Cahors, Johan Vacandare, deputy in charge of ecological transition and citizen participation, Olt quintet
  • For the auction: Master Philippe Montaubric, bailiff, as well as all the participants

Presentation of NeoConsortium at Nova_XX exhibition

November 2019 - January 2020

Danielle Gutman Hopenblum

Thanks: Stéphanie Pécourt, Sara Anedda, Emmanuelle Hay-Bleton and all the staff from Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles/Paris

Inauguration of the Office for Anticipation of Disasters

Turning of the Hublot into a showcase displaying the catalog of the Office for Anticipation of Disasters, presenting also the first commemorative Moduloform. Public reception

Le Hublot, Ivry-sur-Seine

October 2019

Danielle Gutman Hopenblum, Anne Vorms, Julie Yülle, Micha (intern), Jean-Louis Ardoint

Thanks : Jean-Philippe Pellissard, Reine Taëvran

Agroaesthetic Lab

Installation of four Agroaesthetic labs, associated performances, presentation of the catalog of the Office for Anticipation of Disasters, presentation of the NeoConsortium's ©abin

"(dé)végétaliser" exhibition, Espace d'Art Chaillioux, Fresnes, France

From March to May 2019

Danielle Gutman Hopenblum, Anne Vorms, Jean-Louis Ardoint

Thanks : Hervé Bourdin, Lisa D'Agostini, Fabrice Charbonnier, Jean-Luc Ferré, Pascal Planchant, Laurence Robinsohn, Louise Ardoint, Laurent Ardoint

Moduloform, update your interior!

Exhibition/installation of Modulodesign furnitures and objects, along with official images of the Tercentenary , lab’ d'e/lAboRaTory, Paris

November 2017

Danielle Gutman Hopenblum, Anne Vorms, Marianne Abergel, Julie Yülle, Jean-Louis Ardoint

Thanks : Séverine Assouline and all the staff from d'e/lAboRaTory, Laurent Ardoint

Centaur Moduloform

3D printed sculpture and storytelling, as part of the "Jardins Synthétiques" festival, exhibited at Musée Saint-Raymond, Toulouse archaeology museum

October 2017

Danielle Gutman Hopenblum, Jean-Louis Ardoint

Thanks : Pierric Blum, Amandine Luma, Camille Allard, festival team and the whole staff of Musée Saint-Raymond

NeoConsortium's Cabin

Timber construction, as part of the exhibition Beaux lieux, Beaulieu-lès-Loches, France

Residency at Hervet's workshop

June 2017

Danielle Gutman Hopenblum

Thanks : B2X association, Clotilde Beauvais, Jean Jacques Hervet, Mrs Bourreau, Mr Liardet, pupils from the woodworking class from Lycée  Thérèse Planiol of Loches

Agroaesthetics lab

Installation and performance at K.A.B, Square des Batignolles, Paris

September 2016

Jean-Louis Ardoint, Caroline Duclos, Danielle Gutman Hopenblum, Anne Vorms

Thanks : Nathalie Borowski, Hélène Lassalle, Hubert Rivey, Louise Ardoint, Nicole Desjardins, Ulysse Bordarias, Laurent Ardoint

Migration of Glassy Moduloform

Installation,  "Correspondances" exhibition, Chapelle Saint Sauveur, Issy les Moulineaux, France

June 2016

Caroline Duclos, Danielle Gutman Hopenblum and Jean-Louis Ardoint

Thanks : association "Fabrique et d'ailleurs"

Emergence of a Moduloform in social housing from the 1950s

Installation carried out as part of  "Nuit Blanche" in the social housing building (OPH),  Ivry-sur-Seine, France

November 2014

Caroline Duclos and Danielle Gutman Hopenblum

Thanks : Gérald Goarnisson, OPH workshop and Emmaüs Liberté (Ivry-sur-Seine)

Third attempt at blue

Installation as part of the "Under The Wave" exhibition at the hotel Molitor, Paris

October 2014

Caroline Duclos et Danielle Gutman Hopenblum

Thanks : Balder, Accord Group

NeoConsortium's website


Jean-Louis Ardoint, Caroline Duclos, Danielle Gutman Hopenblum, Sébastien Värnild